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MONTHLY BILLING: Tuition is based on a monthly fee and charged ON (or after) the 21st of the month prior.  Stoughton Gymnastics assumes that once a child is enrolled, they will attend continuously; this reserves your child's "spot" in class for however long you choose.  You may withdraw at any point pending notice. Please refer to "Withdrawal Process".  Tuition is based on a 4 week class cycle.  For months containing less than 4 class weeks, tuition will be prorated.  For months containing 5 class weeks, tuition will be adjusted to reflect the additional class day.  Tuition prices are subject to change annually.

PROGRAM WITHDRAWAL PROCESS:  As a courtesy, a class spot is automatically held for your child while you are enrolled at Stoughton Gymnastics. To withdraw from the program, email jessica@stoughtongymnastics by the 20th of the current month to stop billing for the next month.   ALL 9/2021- 8/2022 students must re-enroll for 9/2022 classes however, as our yearly schedule changes year to year.

DISCOUNTS:  Children participating in multiple classes will receive 50% off their 2nd class. A family discount of 10% applies to the second child enrolled, 50% for the 3rd child. 

PAYMENT TYPES ACCEPTED: Stoughton Gymnastics accepts cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover as payment. To enroll, the 1st month's tuition and $20 registration fee is due. If you choose, future monthly charges may be paid by check or cash in person by the 20th of the month prior.  If not paid by the 20th of the month prior, your card on file will be charged. 

FAILURE TO PAY:   Unpaid monthly tuition by the 1st of the month will result in class withdrawal for that month.  Accounts left unpaid will be subject to collections.  

REGISTRATION FEE:  A $20 registration fee per student will be billed annually. Families that have paid the annual membership fee may re-enroll in classes at any time throughout the year without an additional membership fee. 

ATTENDANCE:  We love to see our students but understand that due to illness and unavoidable conflicts, this is not always possible.  We do not prorate for missed classes for enrolled students; however we will prorate new students at the time of registration. 

MAKE-UP POLICY:  If you miss a class, we will provide you with an Open Gym pass.  As classes are typically full/on a waiting list, we can not offer make up classes typically.  We will not "over enroll" in a class to provide a make up but will gladly provide you with an open gym pass.  



ARRIVAL:  Head into the gym and take a seat in the lobby. When we are ready to begin class, an instructor will head to the lobby and call the class. We will announce "4:00 gymnastics class, come on out", or similar.  

DISMISSAL:  Please pick your child up in the parent area, promptly after class.  Please let us know if you will be arriving late to pick up your child.

SICKNESS & OPEN WOUNDS:  If your child is contagious or potentially contagious (cold, lice, flu, strep throat, etc, or has a wound that may reopen); PLEASE do not bring him/her to class.  All minor open wounds must be covered with clothing/socks, bandage and/or athletic tape before coming to class.

DISCIPLINARY POLICY:  I understand that Stoughton Gymnastics reserves the right to remove any child from class for disciplinary reasons. Removed children will not be given a refund. Children who intentionally harm other children or staff will not be allowed to continue in class.

WHAT TO WEAR:  Children should wear clothes allowing for movement.  Long hair should be pulled back away from the face in a ponytail.  Bare feet or socks are allowed.  We sanitize our mats and floors for your child’s safety.  Shoes are not allowed.  Clothing that may damage the equipment, or be unsafe for your child may not be worn. NO Zippers, Buttons, or other items may be on your clothing; this will result in not being able to participate in class.

CLASS CHANGES: You may change classes at any time as long as there is an opening in the class.  Classes must be appropriate for your child’s age and skill level.  Class changes can be done through contacting our office.

CLASS SCHEDULE:  Stoughton Gymnastics reserves the right to cancel, change or combine classes.  If this situation should arise, we will contact you to reschedule your child’s class.

CLOSED DATES:  Stoughton Gymnastics closes for breaks, training days, and maintenance.  Families will be notified multiple times via Facebook, signage, entry way signs, and handouts.  If you "opt out" of emails in your parent portal, you will not get notified of closures or other important info and Stoughton Gymnastics is not responsible.

WEATHER POLICY:  Stoughton Gymnastics does NOT exactly follow the weather policy of the school district. Weather Closings will be posted on our FACEBOOK PAGE- "Stoughton Gymnastics & Tumbling". 

If Stoughton Schools cancels school for weather, we close. If Stoughton Schools remain open during the day, but cancels eve activities (either immediately or at a set hour, ie: 5:00 pm) district wide, we close (If Stoughton Schools only cancel select eve activities- we may or may not close- refer to Facebook).  Class make up opportunities will be provided via open gym passes and/or class make ups (if classes have openings).

For non-school days, it will be the discretion of Stoughton Gymnastics to close or remain open. If there is a scheduled birthday party, the party parents will be called or emailed if Stoughton Gymnastics will close.  For events held on non-school days, a closure will be posted on Facebook.

Facebook will be updated with the correct weather closing info.

CLOSINGS DUE TO EMERGENCIES:  If we need to close due to an unforeseen emergency, it will be posted on Facebook. We are a small, family owned business and appreciate your understanding in this manner... to date, we've never had to close for an emergency.  

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