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Enrollment Info

HOW TO ENROLL:  All enrollments are processed in the  PARENT PORTAL. Click on "Schedule and Enrollment" on the homepage and our system will let you search for classes based on your child's age and other options (day, program, etc) you may choose as a filter.

MONTHLY TUITION: All classes are billed monthly. The 1st month's tuition is due upon enrolling. Enrollment is continuous but you may withdraw at any point pending notificaton outlined in our policies section.

ENROLL ANYTIME: We prorate the first month’s tuition if starting mid-month.

MULTI-CLASS DISCOUNT: 50% off tuition for a 2nd+ class for the same child.

FAMILY DISCOUNT: 10% off tuition for 2nd child. 50% off tuition for 3rd+ child.

ATTIRE: Shorts/leggings or soft, tight-fitting athletic attire or a leotard. No skirts, bra tops, socks, tights covering the feet, jewelry, zippers, or buttons. Long hair must be tied back.  Anyone who is wearing clothing with zippers, buttons, or other objects that may damage equipment will NOT be allowed on the equipment.

Interested in a FREE TRIAL CLASS?  

Please call 608 88 VAULT or email: to schedule your class.

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