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Pre-School: Ages 2-3 & Ages 3-4

Classes are 30 minutes in length, Parent participation is required in the 2-3 yr old classes. Classes are held in the Circus Pre-School room, with 4-5 students per class.

Mini-Gymnastics: Ages 3.5-4's.

Classes are fully independent, 30-40 minutes in length held in the main gym. Students will use regulation gymnastics equipment.

Gymnastics, Recreational: Ages 4-18

Classes are 45-60 minutes in length, depending on age and skill attainment

Team Gymnastics: Ages 7-18


Ninja Warrior: Ages 4-13

This is a fast moving class, that focus on floor gymnastics, "flipping drills", trampoline, and an circuits focusing on balance, strength and coordination. The floor gymnastics portion will focus on fundamental skills, that will progress towards handsprings and saltos (no handed flips). The circuit training each week will keep kids moving- working on balance & strength in FUN activities. Circuits to include: rock wall, trampolines, obstacle courses, rope climbing, and MORE.

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